When Did 24-7® Begin?


Hello, my name is John Casalinuovo

I founded 24-7.com because I’m a 24-7 type of guy. I first began development late 2007 and have been evolving the website ever since. It’s a labor of love, close to my heart. I’ve lived in New York almost my whole life and I love how the city comes alive at night. Though, over the years…I’ve watched the night-life decline. Whatever the cause, I’ve decided to embrace the night by sharing the places that are open 24-7. I’m a New York native working on making New York City the “City That Never Sleeps” again! Basically, I’m a busy guy and I travel everywhere for business… so I spend as much time as I can sharing the 24-hour places I encounter and want to encounter in the future. I hope this website inspires you to explore new places, anytime.

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